Thank you to all our session presenters for sharing their love for beer with us for this event.

Arizona Society of Homebrewers
Promoting the time-honored tradition of homebrewing through information, education and practice, since 1995.

AZ Girls’ Pint Out

We’re gals into Grolsch. Ladies into Lagers. Princesses of Pilsners. Angels of Ales. With a Southwestern Twist!

Gangplank is a group of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Valley. We envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community, where industries come together to transform our culture. We’re not coworking – we’re a collaborative workspace.

SanTan Brewing Company
Craft beer for beer drinking.

Joe’s Real BBQ
At Joe’s, we offer real food – barbecue slow cooked over pecan wood and equally delicious side dishes and desserts. Located in a real 1929 brick building set in the “golden age” of agricultural Arizona, you will be served by real people who are proud of where they work and what they do as demonstrated through warm, genuine hospitality.

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